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Tracey Coryell:

Welcome friends ~

2018 update . . . Creative renaissance continued ~ "Eleven:11" ...Cinderella's Back again! -

Filming and Production of the "Cinderella" music video is complete and she turned out so beautifully that I decided to let her go to the Ball early!

To watch the Cinderella Video:

Click on the "My FAVS" link to the right, then click on "Cinderella Video" ...

Grateful for everyone appearing in the video and helping out behind the scenes! October 13th I'll be performing LIVE at the Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts ! where you can hear us perform Cinderella LIVE and of course I'm dedicating the evening to my Hubby and Maestro, Larry Coryell! Sharing the Love. The band will be performing a selection of Larry's well known compositions. Check the LIVE SHOWS link on the right for tickets and more info!

Eleven:11 CD musical style is more of a combination of pop, country, blues and light-rock; much more laid-back than my earlier recordings.

CD is currently available . . . click on 'CD's & Books' link at the right for digital download purchase on CD Baby or click on Buy Now button to purchase a physical copy for snail mail delivery.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and Love,

Tracey ~